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How Genuine is Your Nissan?

Genuine Nissan Parts, Accessories and Lubricants are designed specially for Nissan vehicles. Don't chance it. Insist on Nissan.

Genuine Parts
Nissan Genuine Parts are designed, tested and manufactured to the same exacting standards as the parts on all new Nissan Vehicles. No matter what sort of Nissan you drive you can be sure that each Genuine Nissan Part has been specially designed for that model.

Genuine Accessories
Genuine Nissan Accessories deliver the fit, reliability and performance you want, plus they're covered by your vehicle warranty when fitted by your Nissan dealer at time of vehicle purchase.

Genuine Lubricants
Whether your Nissan runs on petrol or diesel, Nissan has an engine oil specifically developed with your vehicle in mind. The Nissan range of Genuine Oils contains formulations that give you superior performance and protection.

Genuine Coolant
Nissan Long Life Coolant has an Ethylene Glycol base and is designed for use in all Nissan cooling systems - whether it's a conventional or alloy engine. Engineered to a special formula, Nissan Long Life Coolant ensures your Nissan performs at it's best in all conditions. In either hot or cold weather the correct heat transfer, corrosion inhibition, coolant turbulence and anti-freeze requirement is assured.

Genuine Brake & Clutch Fluid
The importance of using Genuine Nissan Brake and Clutch fluid cannot be overstated. That's why Nissan developed an advanced formula designed to assist driver and passenger safety, and provide superior brake fluid performance.


Buying a new Nissan Genuine engine gives you the confidence to set off on new adventures knowing you've got the genuine article under the bonnet. Nissan engines are covered by a 12-month/20,000km national warranty. They also come with the correct factory settings, optimising fuel efficiency and exhaust emissions.

Fitting a new Nissan Genuine engine will help you rediscover the peak performance of your Nissan. So instead of a reconditioned engine, fit a new unit that has been specifically engineered by Nissan for your vehicle. Not only do they deliver peace of mind, they also represent great value.

Benefits of Purchasing a Nissan Bare Engine
If you want to make sure your Nissan performs to its original high standards, ask for a new Nissan Engine.

Safety and reliability are always important, so make sure you fit Nissan Genuine parts.

  • No surprises genuine confidence and peace of mind
  • Designed, engineered and distributed by NISSAN
  • Safety, reliability, compatibility
  • All new components, no dry clean parts, recycled, second hand or remanufactured items
  • No Parts of dubious origins
  • Nissan National 12month, 20,000K's Warranty
  • Engine performance stays at its peak for longer
  • Protect your investment always fit Genuine products to your Nissan
  • The engine and it's components are engineered by Nissan to Nissan new  vehicle specifications
  • The correct engine for the vehicle, not all engines are the same although they may look alike.
  • Engines built by the Nissan factory for Nissan by Nissan trained Technicians, who understand the intricacies of the product.
  • Correct factory settings resulting in optimum fuel consumption and exhaust emissions
  • Less downtime for the retail customer. One engine comes out the other goes straight in.
  • No hidden reconditioning costs.
  • Helps maintain your vehicle's resale value.